Rodin Luxury Lipstick New Shades Review

Rodin is synonymous with luxury. From the clean lines of the packaging to the indulgent textures of the products, I’m always drawn to it in department stores or whilst browsing online. You can imagine, then, my excitement when I found out Rodin was launching new shades of my favourite luxury lipstick.

Five New Shades

In the past, I’ve bought Rodin from Liberty London. If you’re based in the UK, Liberty London and Net-A-Porter have the biggest selections of Rodin products on offer. Currently, both brands have the new colours available online.

The five older shades are bolder, from the dark purple of Billie On The Bike to the vibrancy of Tough Tomato. I like that the new lipsticks are a bit more muted; it really adds depth to the current collection.

The make up of the lipstick remains the same; it’s richly pigmented and offers a creamy, matte finish. I much prefer this finish to the ones that leave your lips with a slight shimmer. The matte finish is more practical for everyday wear.

(From left to right: Heavenly Hope, Pinky Winky, Berry Baci, Loving Lucy and Arancia Adore)

Luxury Properties

£28 is a lot for a lipstick, but the Rodin Luxury Lipsticks are some of the only lipsticks I can use in the winter. The hydrating properties (because of the use of vitamins C and E) protect and hydrate the lips whereas a lot of the high-street branded lipsticks I have don’t offer that same support.

The ingredients the lipsticks are formulated with are also very good and include rose and lavender flower wax and apricot and argan oils. If you haven’t come across Linda Rodin’s products before, this interview with Into The Gloss is a really good starting point. Rodin became popular because of the oils Linda formulated (I’m actually in the process of reviewing the luxury face oil so I’ll add that review in here when it’s ready).

Naturally, these gorgeous olio lusso oils find their way into the majority of Rodin’s products and in these lipsticks you’ll find the jasmine and neroli oils. It’s these properties that help to really soften the lips and make it the perfect winter lipstick.

Here Are The Five New Shades:

Heavenly Hopp is probably my favourite. It’s very similar in colour to Max Factor’s Exlir Lipstick in Burnt Caramel, but it’s a lot more hydrating. The Max Factor one tends to flake around my lip line in colder weather.

I would describe Pinky Winky as a spring shade. It’s certainly the best colour to suit the impending weather; light, but without being over-bearing. It’s the type of shade I’d wear to a wedding.

Berry Baci is a warmer version of Heavenly Hopp. It’s a very autumnal shade; I can imagine wearing it in the winter with a nice big scarf. This shade would look better against paler skin.

Loving Lucy is a bit too dark for my skin, but I can imagine it looking beautiful on other people. It’s a really rich, deep red. It’s almost velvety on the lips. Again, this is a really beautiful autumnal shade. Loving Lucy and Berry Baci are probably all I would need to complete my autumnal lipstick collection.

Arancia Adore is my favourite summer shade from the five new colours. It’s a light red colour that would work with almost all skin tones. Similarly to Pinky Winky, it’s a really good wedding shade and the Rodin lipsticks are extremely long-wearing, which is another bonus!






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