5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

When it comes to travel, we’re always searching for something new. Whether it be remote islands or adrenaline fuelled adventures. I’m no exception; planning holidays is my part-time job. It wasn’t until this weekend; a very warm August bank holiday, that I had somewhat of an epiphany.

We have amazing experiences right on our door step. Most of which are overlooked. So, after spending the weekend exploring a place I’ve lived in all of my life, I decided to put together five reasons why home is the new away (sometimes, anyway!)

5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

It’s an inexpensive option

If you love exploring but you’re tight on cash, getting to know your hometown could be the perfect antidote to your travelling blues. After all, you just have to walk out of your front door to be completely immersed in this travel experience.

Start by doing a bit of research on the surrounding areas. Are there any points of interest? TripAdvisor is a great tool for this. Find your local woods, church and walking paths and start there. If generations of your family have lived in your village or town, you might even uncover a bit more than you bargained for.

5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

Discover your ‘place’

The great thing about exploring locally is that you get to go back to the places you find. There’s a huge wooded area near me. It has a little pathway through it that leads to the most beautiful views over London. We’re at the highest point in Kent, so we get to see some stunning sunsets.

As a result of this exploration, I can visit that area whenever I feel like it. It’s my quiet place. It’s a place I can go, whenever I want, to feel totally relaxed. The best thing about it? Nobody else knows it exists!

5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

You’ll realise what you’re missing

We’re all guilty of walking through life with our heads down. When I’m running my errands I’ll travel from place to place on autopilot. When I’m not travelling, I’ll be texting or scrolling through social media as I walk.

Here’s a challenge for you; go out for the day and don’t take your phone. Keep your head up and explore what’s around you. Smile at people who walk past you. Basically, just be present. If you do, let me know how you feel afterwards. I’ve been doing it a lot lately and it has made a huge difference to my life.

5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

You can meet new people

*Collective gasp*. We Brits aren’t really into meeting new people. Well, I’m certainly not. But, there are many reasons why meeting new people is great. Firstly, if you’re staying local, these people are most likely local, too. You never know what a simple conversation could lead to.

Plus, if you’re going through a difficult time, getting out and about and having little conversations with people every now and then can really take your mind off of your problems.

5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

It will help you to learn how to be alone

Some people love to be alone. I salute those people. I like my own company for a finite amount of time and then I’m done. Exploring your hometown gives you a sense of your home comforts with a little adventure thrown in for good measure.

If you find yourself home alone for an afternoon, instead of sitting in front of the TV, why not have a walk and search for somewhere new? The benefits are three-fold; 1. You won’t spend the afternoon bored, wishing the time away. 2. Health benefits of walking; check. 3. You get to spend time with yourself whilst doing a fun activity.

5 Reasons To Explore Your Hometown

Your hometown…

Tell me one great thing about your hometown in the comments below!

For those of you interested, we took these pictures in Eynsford, Kent.


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