How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day

Today has been a bad day. I didn’t sleep very well and so I’ve let little things annoy me all day. It’s now 2pm and – with an ear infection in tow – I’ve decided to improve my day.

I don’t have too many bad days, so when one comes along I usually go all out. By ‘all out’ I mean I treat myself to a takeaway because I can’t possibly cook in whatever foul mood I’m in.

I’ve spent the last couple of hours trying to get myself out of my mood, and here are my 5 top tips to turn that bad day into a good one.

(1) Go For A Walk

Whatever the weather, chuck on a coat and go outside. Oh, and leave your phone behind. Don’t think about anything. Simply walk and look around you, only considering things that you can see with your own eyes in that very moment. It works.

Morning Routine

(2) Enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit

Notice I didn’t say 100 biscuits. I’ve learnt the hard way that excess sugar will only lead to an even greater foul mood later in the day. If you’re at work, leave the office and enjoy it at your own pace, savouring every mouthful. If you’re at home, put on your favourite TV show and relax.

Morning Routine
(3) Organise

There’s a sense of achievement in tackling little things around the house that have been niggling you. Whether it’s cleaning your desk, booking an appointment or getting through some admin, ticking something off from your can’t-be-bothered-to-do list is a guaranteed way to boost your mood. Here’s a tidy desk I made earlier…

(4) Meditate

It’s no fluke that so many high-profile people and celebrities choose to meditate. Demanding lives come with pros and cons. When you’re having a bad day, try taking 10 minutes out to meditate. If you don’t have 10, take just two and do a Headspace breathing exercise. The idea is to forget all the things bothering you.


(5) Talk to your friends

My friends are truly spectacular human beings. There isn’t a boundary that hasn’t been broken in the group chat with my three best friends. We talk about everything. Sometimes, the best way to move on from a bad day is to have a good moan to your friends. If they’re anything like mine, you’ll soon be feeling better.


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