Small Ways To Invest In Your Wellbeing

Going on my honeymoon gave me a good amount of time to reflect on what I’m happy with and what needs improving in regards to my wellbeing. I looked at the things I liked doing and figured out how I could go about adding more of that into my everyday life.

This post documents the small everyday ways that you can improve your wellbeing without spending a small fortune.

01. It’s not just ‘what is inside that counts’

It’s all well and good people telling you that it’s about what is on the inside that counts, but if you’re not taking care of yourself on the outside, it can have a detrimental effect on that inside happiness.

Take a look at what is important to you. For me, I like to have my nails painted and shaped, my hair cut and coloured and LVL lashes. These are the three treatments that I try to keep up with each month. It isn’t always possible, of course, but I find myself feeling a lot happier and fresher if I keep on top of this.

I’m going to write a little bit more in the coming weeks about the importance of massage. Aside from the various benefits massage offers to your muscles and blood flow, heading to the spa gives you some uninterrupted you-time in the process.

Perhaps you don’t care about these sorts of things and instead prefer to spend your money on other bits. There will always be one thing that makes you feel awesome, though, so take a look at what yours is.

Small ways to invest in your wellbeing

02. Read

I’m a big advocate for reading, obviously. I could drone on for hours about how important reading is. Ultimately, though, books are an inexpensive way to boost your mood and invest in your wellbeing. If you don’t like reading, you can always listen to Podcasts (which are free) or Audible.

The point of reading is that it lets your mind escape from your day-to-day life and get caught up in something else. Giving your mind the time to be quiet is just what it needs to feel revitalised.

Small ways to invest in your wellbeing

03. Eat well

It’s not expensive to eat well. In fact, even if it were, there are no excuses not to give your body the nourishment it deserves. You know your body; I’m not in the business of denying myself food that I enjoy, but if what you enjoy is 5 McDonald’s per week, there might be room for improvement.

Just give yourself two weeks of eating well. If you don’t see the significant benefits to your mood during that time then fine, go back to the cheeseburgers, but I know you will. Eating ‘well’ doesn’t mean no chocolate or carbs or fun. It just means balanced meals. Carly Rowena’s blog and YouTube channel are great resources to get you started. She has a very healthy and sensible attitude towards food.

Small ways to invest in your wellbeing

04. Experience the world

I know this isn’t exactly a cost-effective tip, but it’s so important. I don’t mean to sound like a ‘gap yah’ student, but travelling broadens your horizons. It helps you see how other cultures operate and allows you to pick the attributes of these cultures that you’d like to include in your life.

Everyone’s version of travelling looks very different. There are so many different factors to consider, money being the primary one. Even if you can’t afford to see new places right now, do some research and open your eyes to the world by reading books. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Small ways to invest in your wellbeing

05. Watch the sunrise

Whenever we go away, we get up early and watch the sunrise at least once whilst we’re there. We’ve also done it plenty of times in the UK, too. It is free to watch the sunrise and it’s one of the most relaxing things you can do.

You don’t always have to choose the big excursions or the expensive day-trips. This is one of the wonderful wonders of our world that is available to us every single morning. Enjoy it.

Small ways to invest in your wellbeing


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