Things To Do When You’re Snowed In

I’m not sure if you’re aware – but we’ve had some snow. I know everybody likes to make fun of the UK for their bad snow management, but the truth is we rarely get snow like this and quite frankly – we’re just not prepared for it. I saw a girl wearing Toms at the shops today. My Toms get ruined after a dry walk, so RIP to her shoes (and feet).

Anyway, I’m currently on day three of barely being able to leave the house – apart from our daily trips to the local Co-op, so I thought I’d put together some things you can do to pass the time if, like me, you’ve become a prisoner in your own home. These ideas are quite random, just because I thought you’ve probably already Googled all of the common ones!

Organise Your Spices

…Things are about to get wild. When baking (aka normal snow day activity), I realised my spices were a complete mess. I use spices a lot in my day-to-day cooking so I’m not exaggerating when I say we have upward of 50 different pots lining our cupboards.

So, here’s what happened next; I got each and every one of them out and counted how many different pots I needed. I then when onto Amazon and bought Kilner jars galore. I condensed duplicates into one jar and silently berated myself for being so careless with my duplicate purchasing. Then, the fun started. I got out my label maker and I created a label for each and every incoming Kilner jar. I then organised them alphabetically so that when they arrive at our new home (we’re moving by the way), they can be transported from box to display cabinet (I’m joking…) easily.

Remember though, guys, when the fun stops, stop.

Do Jobs You’ve Been Putting Off

My list includes; getting some of our wedding photos printed and framed, sorting out my drawers, signing up to some long-winded freelancer website, cleaning my make-up brushes and putting some stuff on eBay.

When busy life is happening around you, you’re more likely to push these little jobs to the back of the queue. But, when you can’t physically get out of your house, your options are limited. Plus, these jobs are a lot more easy to manage when they’re paired with a hot chocolate, a Friends marathon and the relaxing sound of gusts of wind intermittently smashing against your windows.

Make A Really Over The Top Breakfast

Are you really a snow day master if you don’t just eat all day? For some reason, the cold weather paired with the fact I can’t exercise* even if I wanted to (I don’t), makes me really peckish.

Be really eggs-tra (see what I did there?) and make a hot breakfast, special coffee in the little plunger device, a second course (I’m thinking strawberries and yoghurt), a third course (I’m thinking pastries) and maybe even a fourth course if you’re feeling particularly opulent.

*You can technically exercise by putting on a YouTube video or something. But, food is so much more fun. 

Read An E-Book

At the moment I’ve got a real love for educational e-books. In fact, I love them so much I decided to create one of my own (which is another thing I’ve been working on this week). There are so many short e-books floating around the internet. My favourites at the moment are ones that teach me about selling and about freelancing.

I’m really enjoying all of the content from Me & Orla at the moment. It’s mostly about how to grow your Instagram following and market yourself etc. This is what I’ve spent most of my snow time today doing.

Every day’s a school day. Even though for many people it definitely isn’t.

Online Window Shop

Is there anything more enjoyable (and probably more infuriating for retailers) than putting loads of stuff in your online basket and then not actually buying any of it? Sometimes, half way through my mammoth fake spend, I actually convince myself that I could afford all of it. But, towards the end of the shop (7-10 hours later) I’m bored and happy to just get rid of it all.

Another fun little task is to create a spreadsheet (exactly like the one I talk about here) and document all of the items – and links – you like in there. Then, you can go back to it every now and then and see if any of your much loved products have since been put in the sale.

I’ve saved myself tens of pounds doing this. It also works great for homeware sites like who regularly reduce random items.

Blow Bubbles

Did you know that if you blow bubbles in -0 temperatures they freeze mid-air? Thank me later!

What Else?

When I was researching what to do for my own personal snow day, I saw some absolutely dire things. So, here’s a list of the worst things (in my opinion) that you could do on a snow day:

  • Look at the make up of snow flakes with a magnifying glass. (Would rather not)
  • Bring some snow inside and create small sculptures. (WHAT?)
  • Help shovel someone else’s driveway. (Don’t even shovel my own, or own a shovel)
  • Collect pine cones. (Sounds beyond dull)
  • Start a holiday fund. (This is hardly an activity *puts £10 in a jar* now what?)
  • Invite your neighbours over. (Hahahahaha)
  • Make a winter salad (The worst possible dinner to have on a freezing day)
  • Call a friend. (Hahahaha)
  • Go on a Winter picnic. (Nice in theory until you try to put a blanket onto what is effectively water and try to eat with gloves on and the wind smacking you in the face)
What have you done this week?


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